Allows you to mirror images onto Robochurch.

Command syntax

robowipi: <Robochurch filename> => <url of original file>

The Robochurch filename must match the following restrictions:

  • The file must contain only alphanumerics, underscores, hyphens, and periods, no spaces.
  • The file name cannot start with a period.
  • The file cannot start with index., so names such as index.html, index.php, or index.en.html are not allowed.


robowipi: test.jpg =>
This would download whatever file is at and upload it as


  • Imgur does some weird shit with their gifv videos, so if you’re mirroring a gifv from Imgur, Robowipi will automatically convert the link from .gifv to .webm.
  • If the filename already exists in Robochurch, the original Robochurch file will get a backup number appended to it and the new file will have the original name.


Robowipi’s source code is available here.