07:14 <@homehart> my 20TB of HDD arrived

07:14 <@MagusOTB|2> my heater arrived

07:14 <@homehart> kind of missing all the other components of a computer though

07:14 <@MagusOTB|2> my heater has all the components of a computer

07:14 <@MagusOTB|2> and by that I mean your heater sounds excessively complicated

07:15 <@homehart> how many 6Gbps SATA III ports?

07:15 <@MagusOTB|2> 0

07:15 <@MagusOTB|2> how many watts of warm bathrrom is yours?

07:15 <@homehart> sounds I/O bound then

07:15 <@homehart> IDK, only the drives are here so far

07:15 <@homehart> #FedEx

07:15 <@MagusOTB|2> yeah, exactly

07:17 <@MagusOTB|2> so

07:17 <@MagusOTB|2> according to an old thread I found on tom's hardware, an HDD takes 6-9 watts when in use

07:17 <@MagusOTB|2> so let's assume 10 cause I'm lazy

07:17 <@MagusOTB|2> ... brb, gotta look up specs

07:18 <@MagusOTB|2> the heater I got is 1500 watts

07:19 <@MagusOTB|2> your HDD's were 4TB apiece, so assuming the electrical part hasn't changed much since 2011 (when said thread was new)

07:20 <@MagusOTB|2> I have 600TB of warm bathroom