[16:57:07]  <@kevin>	i visited richmond a few months ago for a wedding and saw an alarming number of maga hats on random pedestrians

[16:57:12]  <@enfluensa>	Excuse me WHERE

[16:57:16]  <@enfluensa>	WHERE did you visit

[16:57:21]  <@enfluensa>	Were you in VIRGINIA

[16:57:23]  <@jtab>	it's not a mond

[16:57:27]  <@jtab>	mond pubis

[16:57:36]  <@kevin>	whoa i've just committed a crime

[16:57:37]  <@kevin>	sorry

[16:57:40]  <@enfluensa>	Ha ha ha ha <3

[16:57:42]  <@kevin>	give me a moment to understand my crime

[16:57:45]  <@enfluensa>	The town is Richland

[16:57:48]  <@jtab>	put on your thinking cap kevin

[16:57:50]  <@jtab>	it's red

[16:57:52]  <@kevin>	what the fuck

[16:57:53]  <@kevin>	it's LAND?

[16:57:55]  <@enfluensa>	Yeah lol

[16:57:57]  <@kevin>	it's always been land??

[16:57:58]  <@jtab>	yep

[16:57:59]  <@enfluensa>	Yeah

[16:58:01]  <@enfluensa>	Since forever

[16:58:03]  <@jtab>	berenstain bears

[16:58:09]  <@enfluensa>	The soil there is really good for crops

[16:58:10]  <@kevin>	this is fucking me up

[16:58:17]  <@jtab>	hahahaha

[16:58:25]  <@enfluensa>	That's why it's the premier wine and grain growing region for Washington

[16:58:41]  <@kevin>	i've been there so many times and i've always understood myself to be in a place named richmond

[16:58:49]  <@enfluensa>	I grew up on Davison Ave in Richland and sooooo many people would be like "Davidson Ave in Richmond?"

[16:58:52]  <@jtab>	I'm dying