18:41 <@millrtime> 6:40pm

18:41 <@millrtime> still coding

18:41 <@millrtime> why?

18:43 <@millrtime> be me. millrtime. 6:41pm on a Tuesday. still at work. Spotify running. Listening to Giraffage on repeat. Haven't toked-up for hours. Have visual studio open on one monitor, IRC on the other. Be shitposting to reddit constantly. Alt-tab to cmd window to feel productive. Waste more time on imgur. Go to breakroom. Get coffee. Not sleeping tonight. Again.

18:47 <@millrtime> compile code. be missing semicolon. errors overflow buffer. stack smashed. ret to iHOP. No, wait, Taco Bell. Get cap'n crunch balls. Lick the balls. Stroke th     e shaft. Contemplate existence.